The Flexmill

A new solution for the growing need for alternative renewable energy. Due to it's relatively small size and innovative technique, the Flexmill is able to generate a substantial amount of energy. (Under minimal wind conditions). The Flexmill is available in different sizes, depending on the amount of energy you need.

Currently the following types are available:

The Flexmill has been developed for assembly on roofs of houses, apartments, and industrial buildings. Of course it is also possible to place it on a pole in an open field, which makes the Flexmill very appropriate for farming or other agricultural business. The Flexmill has a vertical axis, provides no horizon clogging and twist silent without quiver.
Given the low number of revolutions it is no threat for our bird friends.


Performance of the Flexmill

For example, the Flexmill 3 is 2 meters in diameter and 3 meters in height. At this size it is able to generate about 3000 kWh/y of energy at a wind speed between 8 and 9 meters per second. This is sufficient for an average family home per year. With windspeeds starting at 3 meters per second, the Flexmill will be second to none in the industry!

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